About Us

Campbell Farms has been quietly nurturing it’s production base over the past 25 years, extending and building product, varieties, growing locations and service integrity. With extensive experience in the industry, from planning production and growing, to market wholesaling and retailing.

Successful growing is very much about forecasting demand and programmed sales. The days of speculative production are over. The Campbell Farm focus, on being able to serve the Australian market quality fresh produce all year round, is the key element to the company’s growth and success.

The continual expansion of our cross-border operations in premier growing regions, enables Campbell Farms to maximise its supply to the Australian market. The strength of products offered includes a broad range of brassicas and soft leaf vegetables, together with stone fruit and year round supply of strawberries.

We have worked hard at gaining our customers confidence. Campbell Farms maintains stringent standards for product quality and keeps food safety as a top priority. Dedicated to outstanding service, we have the resources to deliver on our motto ‘Strength through Quality’.

We have an exciting future planned. Fresh produce in Australia is about to change. From varieties to growing systems, our fresh produce will be a step above the competition.


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